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The Kolbe A Index

When a Financial Advisor has the opportunity to connect with a prospective new client, it becomes very important for both the advisor and the client to learn about one another. This is because if and when the Financial Advisor and the client decide to establish a relationship, it is likely that it will become a long-term relationship with lasting consequences.

It is true that the relationship between the advisor and the client should be built on a solid foundation of trust and respect. Furthermore, both parties should feel comfortable with one another and have a good rapport. Moreover, the Financial Advisor should be ethical, represent a reputable firm with a well constructed business model, and take a well balanced approach to the overall financial planning process. And of course, it is also true that the Financial Advisor should be able to offer the client the financial products and services that will help the client accomplish his or her financial goals and objectives. But with all of that being said, there are some things that are even more important.

Working with a Financial Advisor should involve more than just your money.

  • Desired Lifestyle:
    It is our mission to help each of our clients attain their desired lifestyle.

  • Vision:
    It is our mission to help each of our clients transform their vision into their reality.

  • Quality Of Life:
    It is our mission to help each of our clients enhance their quality of life.

  • Restoring Order:
    It is our mission to help each of our clients restore order in life.

  • A Safe Harbor:
    It is our mission to serve as a safe harbor for each of our clients as he or she navigates life in this very uncertain world.

  • Finding Financial Peace:
    It is our mission to help each of our clients find financial peace.

  • Career Path:
    We are also more than happy to help our clients discover what career path they should truly be pursuing.

In light of this, when a Financial Advisor has the opportunity to connect with a prospective new client, it is particularly helpful to both the advisor and the client to learn how the client thinks and makes decisions. Within the context of the client's financial plan, understanding the client's mentality and decision making processes is certainly relevant when it comes to the construction of the client's investment portfolio. However, within the context of life, understanding the client's mentality is even more important because it can have a profound impact on his or her quality of life.

That is why at C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising we wholeheartedly believe in the The Kolbe A Index. It is an incredibly insightful assessment and a very useful tool that can help individuals both personally and professionally.

The Kolbe Index has nothing to do with one's personality type, whether one is an introvert or an extrovert, or one's IQ and skill set. Kolbe Index results deal with a different part of the mind that drives an individual's actions. It's All About What Drives You.

Skills can be taught and they can be learned; however, you are born with your God given talents.
Therefore, the question inevitably becomes: Where do your skills, your talents, your interests,
and your passions overlap?
Ascertaining that can substantially enhance your quality of life.
– C.M. Carrillo

One of the things that sets the Kolbe A Index assessment apart from other assessments is that individuals who have taken the assessment at various stages in life have discovered that their results do not change drastically. For example, individuals who have taken the assessment as a teenager have reported similar results as a more mature adult. This truly speaks to the accuracy and power of the assessment.

Ultimately, The Kolbe A Index helps us help you; therefore, we highly encourage all of our clients and prospective new clients to take the assessment. You will find the results helpful as well. Learning more about yourself and what truly drives you can help you deal with personal and professional challenges, overcome frustrating obstacles, and seize opportunities that allow you to be your natural self.

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