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Special Programs

C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising is proud to offer a comprehensive and well balanced approach to the overall financial planning process. And while we very much enjoy helping each of our clients navigate that process from beginning to end, we are also more than happy to assist clients that would like to focus on one specific area of need.

It is very common for individuals and couples to reassess their personal financial situation anytime a major life event occurs.

Major Life Events

  • When a couple decides to get Married
  • When a new little blessing is expected to join the family
  • When an individual or couple decides to relocate to a new city (A Big Move)
  • When an individual transitions from one employer to another (A New Job)
  • When an individual or couple is preparing for Retirement
  • When an individual or couple decides to begin the Estate Planning Process
  • When a family has Higher Education Goals (College Planning)
  • When two individuals have decided to file for Divorce

As a result of events such as these, it becomes very important for individuals to take a step back and consider how such major life events are going to impact their their vision for the future, their desired lifestyle, and subsequently their financial goals and objectives.

In an effort to help clients navigate this unpredictable adventure that we call life, C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising is proud to bring some exciting and innovative programs to the marketplace which are designed to assist those that may find themselves in the midst of a major life event or those that are preparing for one in the future.

We would like to invite you to learn more about each of our Special Programs.

The Allocation Plan Program

The Allocation Plan Program is designed to assist proactive individuals and couples work through The Budgetary Process in an effort to understand "The Why" for line items on their household Allocation Plan, to understand their household cash flow, and also to "Find The Money" necessary for them to begin implementing the various components of the overall financial planning process that are determined to be appropriate for them given their specific financial goals and objectives.

The Allocation Plan Program Page

The Gift of a Lifetime Program

The Gift of a Lifetime Program is designed to assist proactive grandparents and parents that have a desire to leave a legacy for their children and/or grandchildren.

The Gift of a Lifetime Program Page

The Cash Advantage Program

The Cash Advantage Program is a special program that is available to our eligible investment clients that are currently taking advantage of The AssetMark Platform. AssetMark is an Asset and Wealth Management Firm that we have a special relationship with, and we routinely utilize AssetMark as we work to help our clients access the financial markets and invest for the future. The Cash Advantage Program provides our eligible investment clients a Securities-Backed Line Of Credit, which is commonly referred to as an SBLOC.

The Cash Advantage Program Page

If you or someone you know has a desire to learn more about any of our Special Programs, please feel free to contact us at any time. Getting started simply requires a phone call. It’s as easy as sitting down and starting a conversation.

We are always here to help in any way that we can.


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