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Debt Management

When individuals, couples, families, and business owners are trying to find ways to effectively manage their debt, the experience can at times be overwhelming. Debt has the ability to create a substantial amount of stress, frustration, and anxiety in the lives of so many. For some, it can really become a quality of life issue that results in individuals feeling trapped and discouraged.

What is interesting is the fact that learning to manage debt is a skill, which is to say, it can be taught and it can be learned.

Unfortunately, in today's world, not many institutions of learning include Debt Management in their course curriculum. Consequently, those that do learn how to manage debt often times do so by proactively seeking out resources and information independently.

At C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising, we have always recognized the need to provide our clients with Cash Flow Management resources. That is why we are proud to offer The Cash Advantage Program to our eligible investment clients, and that is also why we established The Allocation Plan Program, which is all about helping clients navigate the process of formulating an accurate household budget.

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The Allocation Plan Program Page

Establishing an Allocation Plan is a vital early step in the overall financial planning process because it makes it possible to identify what specific financial resources the client will be able to allocate to each component of their financial plan that is deemed necessary in order to accomplish their stated financial goals and objectives.

That being said, if an individual, a couple, a family, or a business owner, is at that stage where they are still working to manage a substantial amount of debt, they may not yet be in a position to engage with the overall financial planning process. However, we are still able to help.

C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising does not charge any fees to clients or prospective new clients that would like to take advantage of The Allocation Plan Program, but it needs to be understood that our Program deals primarily with the household budget. Our program allows clients to clearly understand the nature of their cash flow, but the program's focus is not Debt Management. Therefore, while the Program can certainly provide necessary and valuable insights and also serve as an excellent initial step in the process of understanding one's debt, to truly manage debt, we rely on the those that work professionally within the Debt Management field.

It should be emphasized that we are not referring to Debt Consolidation.
Debt Consolidation is fundamentally different than Debt Management.

As it so happens, we actually have a trusted referral partner and Debt Management Consultant in a very nice woman by the name of Debra DeHart. Debra's business is called DeHart Wealth and Wellness and she has always recognized the connection between one's physical health and one's financial health. To Debra, these two things are very much related.

DeHart Wealth and Wellness is affiliated with a company called Market America. Market America is an internet marketing company and a product brokerage firm. Market America is what is known as a parent vendor and the company has numerous divisions. The company's financial division is known as the Shop Financial division and they have brought the Debt Shredder to the marketplace. The Debt Shredder is a very powerful software program that can be used to effectively manage debt and ultimately eliminate it faster.

The Debt Shredder utilizes four key money-saving principles, which include:
1.) Strategic Payoff
2.) Interest Accumulation
3.) Interest Float
4.) Interest Cancellation

The videos below outline the power of The Debt Shredder. If you are currently feeling overwhelmed by debt, the program
can help you take back control of your life. Furthermore, if you work as a Real Estate Investor, the program can actually
help you more efficiently manage debt. The money-saving principles of The Debt Shredder can be applied in numerous
real world scenarios, which is what makes the program so exciting for so many.

The Debt Shredder: Preview Video

The Debt Shredder: Real Estate Investor Wealth Building Video

Debra DeHart

The Debt Shredder


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Prosperity Wealth Management, Inc. and C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising do not receive any compensation when individuals purchase The Debt Shredder Software.

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All entities listed are separate and unrelated to Prosperity Wealth Management, Inc.

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