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Debt Management

When individuals, couples, families, and business owners are trying to find ways to effectively manage their debt, the experience can often times be overwhelming. Debt has the ability to create a substantial amount of stress, frustration, and anxiety in the lives of so many. For some, it can really become a quality of life issue that results in individuals feeling trapped and discouraged.

Learning to manage debt is a skill, which is to say, it can be taught and it can be learned. But unfortunately in today's world, not all institutions of learning include Debt Management in their course curriculum. Consequently, those that do learn how to effectively manage debt often times do so by proactively seeking out resources and information independently. At C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising, we feel it is very important for us to be a resource to all those who would like to learn more about Debt Management.

Furthermore, we believe that effective Cash Flow Management is key to effective Debt Management. Consequently, we have always felt that it is very important for us to bring solutions to the table that can be used to address these particular aspects of one's finances. The Cash Advantage Program is a very powerful solution that is available to our eligible investment clients, and The Allocation Plan Program is a solution that is available to both our existing clients as well as prospective new clients. The Allocation Plan Program is designed to help individuals, couples, and families navigate the process of formulating a household budget. To learn more each program, use the links listed below.

The Cash Advantage Program Page

The Allocation Plan Program Page

Establishing an Allocation Plan is a vital early step in the overall financial planning process because it makes it possible to identify what specific financial resources clients will be able to allocate to each component of their financial plan that is deemed necessary in order to accomplish their stated financial goals and objectives. However, if clients are still at that stage where they are working to manage a substantial amount of debt, they may not yet be in a position to engage with the overall financial planning process. If that is the case, we can still help with the formation of a household Allocation Plan. C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising does not charge any fees to clients or prospective new clients who would like to take advantage of The Allocation Plan Program.

People who know how to effectively manage debt have a well-defined philosophy when it comes to debt.
What is yours?

The foremost thought leaders on effective debt management have come from the field of economics. Over the years, economists have helped bankers take banking to higher levels of sophistication. Economists have also done the same thing for corporate leaders. Individuals and small business owners can also learn from the economic principles put forth by these thought leaders.

The 3 Types Of Debt

Oppressive Debt | Working Debt | Enriching Debt

The Debt Shredder

"Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world." – Albert Einstein

4 Money Saving Principles:

The Debt Shredder utilizes four key money-saving principles, which include:

  1. Strategic Payoff
  2. Interest Accumulation
  3. Interest Float
  4. Interest Cancellation

The Debt Shredder: Preview Video

The Debt Shredder: Real Estate Investor Wealth Building Video

Debt Related Financial Calculators | All Calculators

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