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Insurance Underwriting

When an individual applies for certain types of insurance policies, such as: Disability Income Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, and/or various types of Life Insurance, that individual must go through the medical underwriting component of the insurance company's overall underwriting process. The medical aspect of the underwriting process is unique to each particular type of insurance. For example, the required medical underwriting for Long Term Care Insurance is very different from the required medical underwriting for Life Insurance.

The Client Medical Interview

One routine component of the medical underwriting process involves something known as the Client Medical Interview (CMI). When it comes to an applicant's medical history, it should be noted that every insurance company has its own unique process and terminology associated with the collection of necessary data.

When applying for MassMutual insurance policies, there are two ways in which your Client Medical Interview can be completed. There is the Client Medical Online Interview and the Client Medical Telephone Interview (Tele-CMI). The interview allows necessary medical information to be gathered while working around your schedule and technology makes the whole process convenient, easy, and secure. The links and videos listed below provide an outline of MassMutual's Client Medical Interview options. Please also note that when working with other insurance companies, the medical aspect of the overall underwriting process may differ from MassMutual's process.

MassMutual's Client Medical Online Interview

MassMutual's Online CMI Guide

MassMutual's Client Medical Telephone Interview

MassMutual's Tele-CMI Guide

The Paramedical Exam

Additionally, whenever medical underwriting is required, it may also become necessary to take advantage of the services of a paramedical company, which has trained personnel that are able to help insurance applicants complete their paramedical exams. A paramedical exam is commonly referred to as a “paramed,” and paramedical companies provide laboratory testing as well as risk assessment services in conjunction with their paramedical exams.

At C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising, we work with a paramedical company called APPS Para Medical Services. The people over at APPS Para Medical Services are very good at what they do and they are always more than happy to work around your schedule.

Website: APPS
Phone: (314)-892-1200

* Clients who are not in The Greater St. Louis Area may need to work with another paramedical company in order to complete their paramed.

Medical Underwriting for MassMutual Long Term Care Solutions

For information about Long Term Care Planning, use this link to view our Long Term Care Planning Page.

MassMutual's LTCAccess Rider

MassMutual's Cognitive Assessment for the LTCAccess Rider – What to Expect

MassMutual's CareChoice Policies

MassMutual's CareChoice Pre-Qualifying Checklist

MassMutual's CareChoice Pre-Interview: What to Expect

As a result of the required medical underwriting for various insurance solutions, C.M. Carrillo Financial
Advising has always promoted healthy living. Consequently, we have a number of trusted local referral
partners who work in the community everyday to promote various aspects of health and wellness.
Therefore, if you need to address a particular aspect of your health and wellness, we would highly
encourage you to reach out to any of our trusted referral partners. Each one is absolutely phenomenal.

Health & Wellness
Physical | Mental | Spiritual | Financial
Each one impacts the others.

Health & Nutrition

Ruben Carrillo
Health Advocate

Carrillo Health & Technology | 4Life
Specialty: Immune System Support

Facebook: Carrillo Health & Technology
Website: 4Life - Ruben Carrillo

Laura Laurie
Health Coach
Vibrant Living with Laura
Specialty: Women
Facebook: Vibrant Living With Laura

Website: Vibrant Living With Laura


Angie Monko
Conscious Divorce Coach
Specialty: Women seeking freedom to be themselves,
especially those navigating the Divorce Process
Phone: (314)-422-6520
Facebook: Harmony Harbor Coaching
Website: Harmony Harbor Coaching

Anthony Zeigler
Certified Hypnotist | Motivational Speaker | Author
Facebook: Anthony Zeigler Entertainment
Website: Anthony Zeigler Entertainment

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Robert A. Arnone
Midwest Upper Cervical

Phone: (314)-283-2248
Facebook: Midwest Upper Cervical

YouTube: Midwest Upper Cervical

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