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Business Networking | Referral Partnerships | Collaborative Alliances

Within the business community, companies can have different types of relationships with one another. For example, companies may establish: Referral Partnerships, Strategic Alliances, Collaborative Alliances, etc. The nature of these relationships determines how companies work with one another as they work to help their customers and clients.

These relationships are routinely formed when businesspeople connect with one another through the business networking community. C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising has been active within the St. Louis business networking community for a number of years. Over time, we have been involved with a number of different business organizations and it has certainly been an incredible experience establishing so many wonderful relationships. In fact, many of the professional relationships that we have established have also become very strong friendships that will truly last a lifetime.

Business Networking

At the current point in time, C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising's primary business networking organization is The Affari della Fratellanza Italiana (The Affari), which is the business group of the Società Unione e Fratellanza Italiana (The Fratellanza Society). The Fratellanza Society is a very historic Italian Fraternal Society that was founded in St. Louis in 1866. With that being said, we do still remain active with several other business organizations throughout The Greater St. Louis Area.

The Fratellanza Society Website

The Fratellanza Society Facebook Page

His Excellency, Bishop Mark S. Rivituso and Christopher M. Carrillo were both the recipients of awards at The 152nd Annual Fratellanza Society Banquet. His Excellency is a member of The Fratellanza Society, he was the 2018 recipient of The Reverend Leo J. Spezia Award, and Christopher M. Carrillo was the 2018 recipient of The Antonio Curotto Award. Christopher was deeply honored to be named the 2018 Member of The Year.

Use the links listed below in order to learn more about The Affari.

The Affari della Fratellanza Italiana
(The Affari)

"A meeting without a nice spread should be an email."
- C.M. Carrillo

Referral Partnerships

When it comes to a number of industries, C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising has some absolutely phenomenal Referral Partnerships with a variety of reputable companies that are active within the business networking community. We greatly value these relationships, and so do many of our clients. Consequently, we are very proud to feature some of our trusted referral partners on various pages of our website.

The Insurance Underwriting - Health & Wellness Page
The Carrillo Lifestyle Page
The Debt Management Page
The Long Term Care Planning Page
The College Planning Page
The Medicare Page
The ESBI Page
The Allocation Plan Program Page

We believe building relationships with trusted referral partners is very important because it gives us the
opportunity to connect with more people and impact more lives.
If you are interested in establishing a Referral
Partnership with our firm, reach out to us.
We always enjoy making new connections and exploring possible synergies.

Collaborative Alliances

When it comes to certain industries, C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising absolutely rejects the idea of Referral Partnerships. This is quite simply because with these particular professions we prefer to establish Collaborative Alliances, which of course are fundamentally different. Our Collaborative Alliances specifically pertain to:
The Accounting Industry, The Coaching Industry, and a handful of select individuals who work within The Realm of Divorce.

The Accounting Industry

From the perspective of an independent financial advisory firm, what sets The Accounting Industry apart from all others is the fact it plays such an integral role within the overall financial planning process. Consequently, the relationships that exist between Financial Advisors and Certified Public Accountants are unique and very special.

The Coaching Industry

It should be noted that The Coaching Industry includes many different types of coaches.

  • Business Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Relationship Coaches

  • Health Coaches
  • Nutrition Coaches
  • Fitness Coaches

When it comes to the coaches that we work with, in certain circumstances we choose to establish Referral Partnerships whereas in other instances we prefer to establish Collaborative Alliances. The nature of our relationship with any one particular coach depends on the nature of the coaching and how it relates to financial planning.

Our Emphasis On Coaching

At C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising, we very much emphasize the coaching aspect of our interactions with each of our clients. This is because we wholeheartedly believe that coaching allows us to help all of our clients at a much higher level. Our Mission goes far beyond simply helping our clients manage their finances. The coaching aspect of what we do allows us to:

  • Help each of our clients transform their Vision into their reality
  • Help each of our clients attain their Desired Lifestyle.
  • Help each of our clients enhance their Quality of Life.
  • Help each of our clients Restore Order in life.
  • Serve as a Safe Harbor for each of our clients as
    he or she navigates life in this very uncertain world.
  • Help each of our clients Find Financial Peace.

The Realm of Divorce

Helping You Transform Your Vision Into Your Reality

C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising does not render tax or legal advice.