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  • Our Solutions: The Financial
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The Collaborative Divorce Alliance (The CDA) is not a company or a law firm and we do not render legal advice. The
Collaborative Divorce Alliance is a multicompany Collaborative Alliance that fully embraces the concept of Collaborative Divorce.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to minimize the suffering brought about when couples decide to divorce and maximize the potential for each person to make positive life choices based on what they want for their children, their vision for the future, and their desired lifestyle.

Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to guide divorcing couples to make constructive choices that create more beneficial outcomes for everyone involved, and to ultimately find inner peace.

Collaborative Divorce vs. Contested Divorce

A Collaborative Divorce is fundamentally different than a Contested Divorce. Mediation establishes the foundation of the Collaborative Divorce process and it is typically much less destructive than going to court. Divorce of course is never easy or pleasant and it can certainly present a wide array of complicated challenges. Every situation is different and so is each individual. That is why we meet our clients where they are. Each member of our team is a leader who can help guide you and your family as you navigate the process of transitioning from one chapter to the next.

Our Collaborative Divorce Model addresses the various aspects of the divorce process, which include: The Legal, The Financial, and The Emotional. Our approach to each aspect of the divorce process emphasizes coaching. The coaching aspect of our interactions with each of our clients is what allows us to help individuals at a much higher level.

Contested Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Members of our team address The Emotional and The Financial. The Emotional involves Divorce Coaching for Women and Divorce Coaching for Men. The Financial includes: Accounting & Tax Planning, Financial Advising, Home Financing, and Home Ownership. When it comes to The Legal, our model relies upon our List of Preferred Attorneys, all of whom have demonstrated a willingness to embrace mediation and collaborative divorce. We work with our trusted attorneys on a referral basis.

Download: Our Collaborative Divorce Model

It should be noted that some attorneys completely and utterly reject the idea of mediation because they feel they can get more for their clients by arguing on their behalf in court. But those attorneys tend to not concern themselves with the costs associated with that course of action, many of which are not even monetary. At the end of the day, the attorneys always make more money by going to court and there is often times a lot of collateral damage that comes along with a contested divorce. Therefore, the question must inevitably become:
"Is it worth it?"

The CDA is designed to save families: Time, Energy, Effort, and Money.
It is also designed to reduce: Stress, Anxiety, Aggravation, and Anger.

In certain circumstances, a contested divorce might be absolutely necessary, but there is something very important to remember. Angry individuals can choose to spend all of their time, energy, and financial resources arguing with one another, either directly or through their attorneys. Angry individuals can choose to spend all of their time, energy, and financial resources trying to punish one another, again, either directly or through their attorneys. But there is another way. These precious resources can be saved by coming to the table in the interest of a brighter future and also for the good of the children. Yes, there is hurt. Yes, there is pain. But ultimately, you get to choose your method of divorce. It's a choice.

From an emotional perspective, divorce is one of the most painful, frustrating, and stressful situations anyone can go through. It is the end of a way of life. It is scary because individuals do not know what to expect in the future, and of course, it is natural to have a fear of the unknown. Furthermore, the long term consequences of divorce can be substantial. It all really depends on how individuals choose to approach the process. If divorcing spouses can be mature adults who have everyone’s best interest in mind, things can turn out relatively well. If, on the other hand, divorcing spouses choose to blame and shame each other, not only will they successfully manage to harm one another, but they will most likely end up doing irreparable damage to their children as well. Therefore, it becomes very important to ask some thought provoking questions.

Key Questions

Going through a divorce is an emotional process and at times it can certainly feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way. How each individual approaches the process can make all the difference in the world, and that is why we are here. We take a collaborative family approach that emphasizes the end goal, which is a happier and much more peaceful life for every member of the family. We believe it is paramount to always remain very mindful of the children and how the divorce will impact them.

Download: Questions of Divorce

Meet The Team

Financial Advisor

* Founder of The Collaborative Divorce Alliance

Christopher M. Carrillo
Phone: (314)-724-0116
C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising

Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)

NMLS #400473

Ann Langston
Phone: (636)-295-6569
Certified Divorce Lending Professional - Ann Langston

Certified Public Accountant

Payton Gillis, CPA, CTC
Phone: (636)-339-5998
Website: Tax Game Plan, LLC

Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce (RCS-D)

Bethany DeMaggio
Phone: (314)-681-7447
Website: DeMaggio Realty Group (eXp Realty)

Men's Divorce Coach

Eric Rosen
Phone: (636)-428-0876
Website: Viking Rising Men's Coaching

Holistic Divorce Coach

Angie Monko
Phone: (314)-422-6520
Harmony Harbor Coaching

+ Special Note +

The Collaborative Divorce Alliance does not promote or advocate in favor of divorce. The Alliance works to support those individuals who have determined that
proceeding with the divorce process is appropriate for them.
The Alliance supports individuals of divorce by helping them identify the best possible solutions
for moving forward with a primary focus on how to make positive choices that create beneficial outcomes for everyone involved, especially the children.

Video Library

Christopher Carrillo & Marta Papa, The Divorce Whisperer

Angie Monko & Marta Papa, The Divorce Whisperer

Challenges We Help Our Clients Overcome

Going through a divorce can feel like climbing a mountain. It can be overwhelming. You do not have to go through it alone.

Divorce impacts so many different aspects of life and the divorce process can leave individuals feeling lost and overwhelmed. The Collaborative Divorce Alliance utilizes a model that is designed to provide individuals with an entire team of leaders who will surround them with the understanding and support that they need in order to effectively transition from one chapter in life to the next. You do not have to go through it alone. We are here to walk by your side every step of the way.

Challenges We Help Our Clients Overcome: The Financial

Christopher M. Carrillo
Financial Advisor

Christopher is a Financial Advisor who understands that working with a financial
professional should involve much more than just an individual's finances.

                               - Vision                                     - Restoring Order
                               - Desired Lifestyle                   - A Safe Harbor
                               - Quality of Life 
                     - Finding Financial Peace

  • Your Financial Future:
    Christopher helps divorced individuals formulate a new plan for a new life. This process can seem daunting to many, and the question of how to even begin the process can be quite intimidating for some. Christopher makes it all manageable. He helps individuals figure out how to begin again.
    Our Financial Planning Process Page

  • Vision & Desired Lifestyle:
    When entering into marriage, two people formulate a vision for their future together. Divorce results in those two individuals choosing to go their separate ways. Therefore, it becomes necessary to identify the various components that comprise one's vision for the future as well as one's desired lifestyle. This is where next chapter begins and Christopher is here to help you navigate the process of figuring out what you truly want moving forward.

  • Financial Literacy:
    Within the context of divorce, Christopher specializes in helping individuals truly understand each of the various components that comprise their overall financial plan. Many clients really appreciate Christopher’s educational approach to the planning process because in many instances one spouse has always handled the household’s finances while the other spouse became accustomed to taking a more hands off approach. A divorce of course necessitates that both individuals learn how to effectively manage their finances. That is why Christopher has become very comfortable assuming the role of an educator.

  • Protecting The Children:
    Christopher works to help divorced parents understand the importance of protecting their children's financial future. This  involves helping parents formulate a plan to adequately fund their child’s future college education as well as other significant life milestones.

  • Emotions & Money:
    As a result of a divorce, the money can often times have certain emotions attached to it. Christopher fully understands this; consequently, when working with clients, he helps ensure that emotions do not cloud one’s judgement and result in unintended long-term consequences.

Ann Langston
Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)

  • Identifying Future Living Situations:
    Within the context of divorce mediation, Ann specializes in helping divorcing spouses identify their future living situations. For example:

    1.) Does Spouse A keep the house and Spouse B move out?
    2.) Does Spouse A move out and Spouse B keep the house?
    3.) Do both spouses move out?
    4.) How does the chosen scenario impact the equity of the existing home?

    Ann has the ability to walk divorcing spouses through this conversation while remaining mindful of the emotions that go along with such substantial decisions.

  • Financing A New Home:
    Divorce complicates Home Financing because there is of course a division of assets that must take place. Furthermore, things can become even more complicated when there are children involved. As a CDLP, Ann fully understands all of the variables that must be addressed when working to help individuals of divorce obtain a mortgage for their new home.

Bethany DeMaggio
Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce (RCS-D)

  • Identifying Future Living Situations:
    Within the context of divorce mediation, Bethany specializes in helping divorcing spouses identify their future living situations. For example:

    1.) Does Spouse A keep the house and Spouse B move out?
    2.) Does Spouse A move out and Spouse B keep the house?
    3.) Do both spouses move out?
    4.) How does the chosen scenario impact the equity of the existing home?

    Bethany has the ability to walk divorcing spouses through this conversation while remaining mindful of the emotions that go along with such substantial decisions. Bethany also very much believes in partnered guidance with the client’s Mortgage Lender and Financial Advisor in order to maintain homeownership eligibility for each individual.

  • Finding A New Home:
    Bethany helps each of her clients find a property that can truly become a new home. She fully understands the stress of having to leave one’s home and transform a new house into a new home.

Challenges We Help Our Clients Overcome: The Emotional

Eric Rosen
Men’s Divorce Coach

Eric helps men of divorce learn how to rediscover their
passion and power in preparation for a brighter future.

  • Eric's Story:
    Eric’s experience recovering from major relationship collapses led him to feel defeated in life. After recognizing his self-defeating mentality, he chose to overcome his challenges by embracing a mentality of self-empowerment. Consequently, Eric is able to guide his clients to a full recovery of passion and enthusiasm for life. He does this by helping men proactively address the sensitive issues that they would rather avoid. Link: Eric's Story

  • Honoring Tough Emotions:
    Processing the full range of emotions (the good, the bad, and the REALLY ugly) can lead to clarity in life.

  • Fear of Loss:
    Uncertainty can be overwhelming, but it can also be liberating. While divorce is painful, it also creates a new opportunity in life.

  • Loss of Control:
    Feeling disempowered when life takes a hard turn can certainly be challenging. Learning how to surrender and trust can help men navigate the times and challenges that are outside of  their control.

  • Staying Focused:
    When dealing with the uncertainty and stress that so often accompany divorce, men can sometimes lose focus. Working with the subconscious mind makes it easier to manage the distractions that can jeapordize one's peace, happiness, and quality of life.

  • Parental Guilt:
    Learning to identify new opportunities to connect with your children while simultaneously forgiving yourself can lead to continuous growth as a father and ultimately a stronger relationship with your children.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed:
    Divorce involves a lot of self-reflection – thinking about the past, the present, and the future. Self-reflection is very important, but dwelling on the negative can be very detrimental during and following a divorce. Dwelling on the negative can deplete one's energy level and it can lead to self-destructive behavior, which can make it more difficult to get one's life back on track.

Angie Monko
Holistic Divorce Coach

Angie guides divorcing individuals to make
empowered choices
and gain clarity about their future.

  • Angie's Story:
    Angie's experience navigating her own divorce allowed her to learn some valuable life lessons. She is now able to use her experience to help others navigate the divorce process in a much less painful and costly way. Link: Angie's Story

  • Being An Ineffective Self-Advocate:
    Not knowing how to effectively communicate and feeling unworthy of getting one's own needs and desires met while also remaining mindful of the children’s needs

  • Not Taking Ownership of One's Choices:
    Resisting taking ownership of one's choices by not prioritizing one's responsibilities to oneself and one's children

  • Feeling Overwhelmed:
    Lack of energy due to the fighting and blaming | Being an unhealthy role model to one's children

  • Self Distrust:
    Second guessing your choices

  • Negative Perception of Self:
    Unclear how to navigate the divorce without taking a serious blow to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth

  • Lack of Clarity:
    Feeling ungrounded and scattered

  • Parental Guilt:
    Feeling guilty because you’ve not been able to provide a safe space for your children to share what’s on their heart and mind

Our Solutions

Every member of our team has his or her own process, each of which contains an assortment of
programs, tools, resources, strategies, and solutions that give our clients hope for a brighter future.

Divorce impacts so many different aspects of life and having a guide by your side during challenging times can make all the difference in the world. Our Collaborative Alliance provides you with an entire team dedicated to helping you and your family navigate the divorce process Legally, Financially, and Emotionally. Transitioning from one chapter in life to the next is a lot like taking a completed puzzle, breaking it apart, and then reconstructing it in a new way so that the picture aligns with your new vision for the future. Each member of our team can help you put your puzzle back together.

Our Solutions: The Financial

Christopher M. Carrillo
Financial Advisor

  • Our Solutions:
    A summary page of all that C.M. Carrillo Financial Advising brings to the table
    Our Solutions Page

  • Vision & Desired Lifestyle:
    Where the process must always begin
    The Lifestyle Page

  • The Kolbe A Index Assessment:
    A phenomenal tool that allows you to truly know yourself and understand what drives you
    The Kolbe A Index Page

  • Household Allocation Plan:
    Understanding your Household's Cash Flow
    The Allocation Plan Program Page

  • Risk Management:
    Protecting those that you love, Ensuring your financial goals and objectives will be completed, and Protecting your Retirement Assets
    The Risk Management Page

  • Wealth Accumulation:
    Retirement Planning, Attaining your Desired Lifestyle, and Transforming Your Vision into Your Reality.
    The Wealth Accumulation Page

  • College Planning:
    For parents and students with Higher Education Goals
    The College Planning Page

Ann Langston
Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)

  • Home Financing Action Plan:
    Depending on what divorcing spouses decide to do regarding their future living situations, Ann is able to help individuals formulate a plan of action that is designed to ensure that their transition into their next chapter is relatively smooth from a financial perspective. If certain actions are not taken prior to a divorce being finalized, what could have been relatively simple can become a huge headache and a logistical nightmare, which can in turn take a lot of time, energy, and effort to correct. Ann’s expertise can help prevent such complications from arising.

  • Credit Repair:
    Ann can help guide individuals who have issues with their credit score. Whether a client has no credit or bad credit, Ann can help advise individuals on how to rebuild their credit so that the unattainable can eventually become attainable.

  • Logistical Coordination:
    As a CDLP, Ann can help ensure that necessary actions concerning one’s Home Financing are taken in a timely and strategic fashion in order to accomplish the client’s goals. This involves maintaining a very strong line of communication with the client’s Divorce Mediator and/or Divorce Attorney. This is especially important because the traditional rules of mortgage financing get changed when individuals are navigating the divorce process. Ann’s work behind the scenes helps keep the Home Financing situation on track for divorcing individuals and their attorneys.

Bethany DeMaggio
Real Estate Collaboration Specialist - Divorce (RCS-D)

  • Financial Due Diligence:
    Bethany helps the client’s Mortgage Lender, Divorce Mediator, and Divorce Lawyer complete the case file concerning secured home debt by gathering necessary information and documents.

  • Home Assessment & Current Market Analysis:
    Bethany is able to provide homeowners with a current market analysis as well as an assessment of the marital home for:
    1.) Deferred Maintenance
    2.) Potential Future Repairs
    3.) Preparation for Sale

  • Logistical Coordination:
    If the sale of the marital home is desired, Bethany’s team is able to assist the client from start to finish with the entire sale and/or buying process. Bethany is able to strategically coordinate her efforts with those of the Mortgage Lender and she is also able to provide referrals to trusted contractors, tradesmen, and professionals that may be needed before, during, or after the divorce process.

Our Solutions: The Emotional

Eric Rosen
Men’s Divorce Coach

Recovering Passion For Life

Eric guides his clients to find freedom, passion, and purpose after experiencing loss. Eric shows them how to turn their heartbreak into an opportunity to discover:

  1. How to love themselves so they can best honor themselves, their children, and all relationships as a Protector and a Steward
  2. How to find the hidden wisdom in the ending of a relationship
  3. How to take responsibility and apply the lessons learned to charter a life filled with meaning and purpose
  4. That it’s ok to uniquely express joy and humor in life after heavy emotions like grief, anger, sadness, and guilt.
  5. How to reconnect with their sense of individualism so they can support their children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs from a place of power and authenticity
  6. How to establish new daily practices that promote an optimal transition to a new lifestyle after divorce
  7. How to process emotions that lead to forgiveness, increased self-awareness, and lightheartedness
  8. How to create a family legacy by role modeling evolved masculine behaviors to your children

Angie Monko
Holistic Divorce Coach

Learning To Live As A Loving Self-Advocate

Angie guides her clients to become Loving Self-Advocates who stand confidently and faithfully in their beliefs and decisions. They develop skills while going through divorce or loss which allow them to:

  1. Get their own needs and desires met through adequate self-care by learning how to listen to their own body, mind, and heart while simultaneously considering the needs of their children.
  2. Take ownership of their choices, not blame others, and do this without harsh self-judgment or criticism for their past choices.
  3. Design their life and become role models “who walk their talk” and provide the nurturing and love that their children need in order to grow into whole, confident adults.
  4. Stop second guessing themselves and increase their feelings of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  5. Set solid boundaries around saying no.
  6. Confidently navigate the divorce process and ask for their fair share of custody and assets.
  7. Be in tune with what is going on within themselves so they can more compassionately respond to their children’s behaviors and needs and protect their mental and emotional health.
  8. Be the safe space for their children to communicate what they are thinking and feeling.

3 Secrets to Survive the Stress of Divorce:
Helping Women Get Their Lives Back

Women’s Empowerment Through Divorce:
Getting Your Life Back

The Heal Your Heart Online Retreat:
Support for Women Going Through Difficult Life Transitions

The Women’s Empowerment Through Difficult Life Transitions
6-Month Program


The Private Coaching Program
(For Men)

The Private Coaching Program
(For Men & Women)

Top 7 Tips for Men After Divorce

The Men's Support Brotherhood

"When caught in a storm, it is often times helpful to
have a guide who can become your safe harbor."

– C.M. Carrillo

Coaching Tools

Eric Rosen
Men’s Divorce Coach

  • Breathwork:
    A breathwork technique administered by a certified facilitator to treat chronic stress and past traumas. This type of breathwork can create mental and emotional clarity as it can release limiting beliefs and repressed emotions. With its capability to release stagnant energy and create clarity, breathwork is a great tool for honoring a sense of innate truth and subsequent action.

  • Hypnosis:
    Bypasses the critical thinking mind in order to access deeper parts of the subconscious mind. This is useful to identify and release limiting beliefs and past hurts. This release creates space to choose a new life perspective that is more beneficial to match the desired life experience.

  • Human Design:
    This tool shows where and how to access the unique and innate consciousness within the body as a more effective decision making tool than the critical thinking mind. While the mind can be conditioned by past experiences, limiting beliefs, self doubt, fears, and false or limited information - accessing a specific strategy for living authentically is made possible by utilizing this method of self understanding. This is an amazing tool for creating an ideal lifestyle based on the authentic nature of the person.

  • Health & Fitness Plans:
    Create your ideal healthy lifestyle using a unique tailored for you system. Gain the knowledge, suggested nutrition, and a written fitness plan to keep you on track to meet your goals in life.

Angie Monko
Holistic Divorce Coach

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) A.K.A. Tapping:
    Emotional Freedom Technique is an energy technique designed to calm the nervous system, calm the body, and prevent trauma from taking root for a lifetime of pain, sorrow, and suffering. Negative emotions result from a disruption in the body’s energy system. EFT gets one's energy flowing again so that he or she feels better. It rewires the neural pathways in the brain to create new more empowering beliefs.

  • Hypnosis:
    Hypnosis bypasses the conscious critical EGO mind that causes paralysis of  analysis. Hypnosis makes it possible to access the more vulnerable feelings and beliefs within the subconscious so that painful self-beliefs can be reprogrammed. This changes the lens through which one views the world. It is not so much WHAT happens to an individual, but how he or she VIEWS it, that determines one's quality of life.

  • Healing Codes:
    Healing Codes are used to heal the memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions caused by a traumatic divorce, loss, or life experience on a deep cellular level. Angie offers customized healing codes to provide permanent healing and relief to longstanding core limiting beliefs and trauma.

  • Energy Techniques:
    The human body contains energy. Angie has studied and practiced Donna Eden Energy Techniques for 15+ years. By teaching clients a daily energy routine and providing them with specific energy tips and techniques, individuals can get to the root cause of WHY they feel the way they do, why they have the relationship patterns they have, and ultimately heal on an energetic level. (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually)

Special Note

Coaching is in no way to be construed as or substituted for psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Angie and Eric will at all times exercise their
best professional judgment, efforts, skills, and care. Angie and Eric do not make any guarantees other than to deliver the purchased coaching services as described above.

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